About SCLeccentric


Hello! My name is Sam. I am a graphic artist working out of the SF Bay Area. My main focus is in graphic novels and sequential storytelling. I enjoy using all kinds of media, especially oil paint, ink, spray paint, and pencil. If you need an illustrator I am available for commissions. I have experience with comics, children books, visual development, logos, portraits, graphic design, cartoons, and cinematography. I am available for all jobs large and small, and I have worked alone and in large collaborations. We can work together to make your artistic dreams a reality.

SCLeccentric is my life’s work. I have ideas for many comics in mind, with the intention of them working together to create a shared universe. Each comic is meant to play off the others. If I can get myself in gear and get this done, we should be in store for some pretty good stories.

For commissions, questions, or complaints, email me at SCLeccentric@gmail.com

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