Cactus Man Page 3

Boom….OOF! It’s page three!


Sometimes in life you just fall flat on your face. At least it happens to everybody. This is my homage to all the people who said that pots for feet wouldn’t work. You were right. I’m sick of drawing them anyway.

I think this is my favorite page so far. I did all the inking with dip pens and a brush. And I spent more time in photoshop getting the colors right this time. Hopefully the color sells the night shot.

I spent part of this week researching how ammonium nitrate can be used as both a plant fertilizer and an explosive. That’s how Cactus Man makes explosive flowers. Suffice to say, when you find yourself on the wikipedia page for the Unibomber, you probably made it onto some NSA watch lists. Hopefully they read this and realize it was all just research for my comic.

See you next week (if I haven’t got hauled off by the NSA)


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