Read Full SCLeccentric Comics!

Welcome aboard! If you want to read free comics,scleccentric-card-design-sized you came to the right place.

These are all original stories made by me, Sam C Laughlin (that’s the SCL in SCLeccentric). Here are links to all of my completed comics. I will add more as they are finished.

Settle in and enjoy!

Cactus Man

SCLeccentric - Respect Plants

Issue 1: Rootbound

This is my first full comic and my master’s thesis.

Follow the adventures of Cactus Man, a spiky ent on a mission to talk some sense into humanity. Together with his human sidekick Roy, he will escape from those who would try to exploit his powers. But he had better watch out, because crazed botanist Elias Mothburne is hot on his tail!


Shroom Raider

Mushroom and Zombie Flambéshroom raider 00 cover1139091196..jpg

Amanita Jones, the world’s greatest mushroom hunter, is on a mission deep in the jungle. She’s after a ‘shroom that’s supposed to make you immortal. But is immortality all it’s cracked up to be? Read it and find out!


Crowmetheus Crowmetheus cover 1

The Myth of Crometheus

A retelling of the Prometheus myth with humans as the Gods. Crowmetheus steals fire from the humans; the rest is a myth. This one is for crows, by crows.