Hungry Astronaut

Just sharing some of my current MFA work. This is a digital painting done in photoshop.

Hungry Astronaut SCLeccentric

“And they said I was crazy bringing this stick to the moon.”


I have done several attempts at this character. I’ll show you one of the earlier ones. This is a life size charcoal drawing:

Don't worry, in five years I'll get you a beer.

Don’t worry, in five years I’ll get you a beer.

I drew that almost five years ago. Thats a long time to wait for lunch. There are a million things that I would do differently now. Its amazing how much the eye can change with training. And yet, ideas stay the same.

I am making an effort to return to blogging. Some of you may have noticed I haven’t posted in six months. There was a car accident, and a seemingly endless parade of problems that have kept me overwhelmed. But now I am trying to get back on the horse. Stay tuned, I have a bunch of stuff to post.