Crowmetheus Begins

Hello Internet,

I can’t stall forever. It’s time to release Crowmetheus into the wild.

I will be releasing a page per week for three weeks, and then taking the fourth week off. Thats the best way for me to keep up. I’m about a month ahead now, so we will see how I can keep up.

Here is the title page:

Crowmetheus Title Page

In other SCLeccentric related news, I have set up my Patreon page, so people can visit and contribute to making these comics happen. Patreon lets people pledge monthly to support artists, and form a network of creative people. There are some great artists on that site, and I can’t wait to get going.

My vision for the Patreon is like an audience participation comic. I want people to contribute ideas and critique, and in return I will give people cameo appearances and try to use their ideas in the best way possible. I have some big plans, so get over there and help me make it happen!

More Crowmetheus to come, tune in next week!