Two Bridges

This month I found a secret spot.

It’s just a side of the road in one of the East Bay parks. But boy is the view nice!

It’s a pretty city from all angles

That eastern span of the Bay Bridge is my favorite bridge. I was in town when they opened it, so it’s my bridge.

The best thing about this spot is that there is hardly anyone there. I had one dog walker and one narc come by in three hours of painting. That’s my kind of park. So much solitude, I even meditated.

The camera always makes landscapes look more distant. With paintings you can exaggerate it in the other way and look like you are closer.

The only other visitor was a large male turkey. He eyeballed me, then gave a few territorial gobbles on the top of the hill. Luckily, he didn’t attack. Apparently I wasn’t worth going to turkey prison over.

Here’s a few watercolor pencil sketches from the top.

Look west, and the Bay’s an urban metropolis. Look east, and there are just blank hills with cows on them. The Bay is a weird place.

And if you get a chance to be here, be weird!

Happy Four Twenty!


-proofread by tjdevarie