From the Fish Tank: Apistos with Eggs!

Hi all,

I’m proud to report that our Apistogramma couple spawned! This is their first spawn, and my first Apisto spawn.

I took a video and cut it down to the best part. Pardon my terrible narration, I was excited😉

In the video you see the female(Junior) laying on the inside ceiling of a pottery shard that forms a small cave. This is a cave dwelling species. Martin follows behind to fertilize the eggs, and keeps watch.

I am going to leave the fry in the tank until they are freeswimming. Junior should be able to defend them, she’s fierce enough.

Time will tell if they can pull off this spawn. Ive heard some fish take a few spawns before they get good. Hopefully Martin and Junior have it in them.

Do you see fish eggs in this picture?

Looked like maybe 30-50 eggs. But remember, the phrase “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” REALLY REALLY applies to fish!

I will keep you posted on this. Thanks for reading.