Slouching Towards Canada: Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

Have you heard of the Pacific Crest Trail? It goes for 2,600 miles from Mexico to Canada. It crosses some epic terrain, from soaring mountains to vast deserts. Its a physical challenge, and a chance to commune with nature.

And I’m gonna do it.

You guys, I’m so excited. I have been thinking about doing the PCT for years now. Finally I have my chance and I can’t wait.

I plan to complete the whole trail in sections throughout my life. For now, I am doing a 1000 mile section hike, from Mexico to Yosemite. Sounds long enough to me.

Going from a six man tent to a one man tent will be tough. I’m losing five mans!

Everyone has their own trip. Mine is an artistic journey into human conciousness. I will push myself physically and mentally farther than I ever have before, and I am hoping it results in good inspiration.

I’ll have watercolors, markers, ink and pencil. All my recent practice with landscapes will pay off. Doing the trail slowly should allow me to get a lot done. Endless distraction free hours, and nothing to do but walk and work.

Or, I’ll go insane from loneliness, and draw that😅

Either way, you’ll get the unvarnished truth on this site. Right now we dont know how this ends, and to me thats exciting.

It started out as a dream: put my fingers in my ears and say “LAALALALA” for six months until the 2020 election was over. And the dream was good…

And then the dream changed: spend six months walking a trail from Mexico to Canada. And the dream was maybe a little too good?..

Then the dream contracted, cuz damn that sounds like a lot of walking: go 1000 miles and at least get a good break. Thus, the dream was perfect.

Artwork will be posted on this site as often as possible. I will also be setting up a patreon page for this so that you can support me if you are interested. And to get the full story, you should also follow scleccentric on Instagram. So this personal journey into nature will be fully plugged into social media, never you fear.

I have a few months to prepare. Upcoming posts will cover packing, planning, and training. Plus I have a few other paintings to post. Stay tuned for more.

Have you done the PCT or any long hikes? I’d love to hear from other hikers. Sound off in the comments.

Thanks for reading,


This is the lock-in moment. When I press publish, I will be fully committed to doing this. Wish me luck.