Cactus Man

Cactus Man,

Issue 1: Rootbound

Here you can read the issue, with commentary by the creator.


I’m sure these dogs see tons of sentient plants walking around.


Learn from this dog: don’t bite cacti.


Did you know Amonium Nitrate is used both as a plant fertilizer, and an explosive in bombs? Learn something new every day.


Everybody hated the pots-for-feet idea. Everybody but me, that is. RIP Potfeet.

For Cactus Man's first heroic deed, breaking and entering!

For Cactus Man’s first heroic deed, breaking and entering!

CM Final 6

I like rooster soup best.

CM Final 7

Damn, it took three panels to make that cup of tea!

Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 005

Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 006

Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 007

CM final 11

I’m just worried about the upholstery.

CM final 12

Just when we were getting to some answers!

CM final 13

Thats just what you want to see in the morning.

That cat came looking for trouble.

In the live action version, Ellias Mothburne will be played by Larry David.

Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 010

CM final 16

Pick him up so he’s closer to your face!

CM final 17

Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 011

Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 012

Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 013

Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 014

Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 015

  • And that’s issue one!


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