Recent Comics Part 1

I’ve been very busy with my degree recently, and haven’t had much time to blog. I wanted to share a few of the comics I’ve been doing for class. Each of these are three page stories that we usually do in two weeks.

This first short story is autobiographical. This happened when we went kayaking on my 15th birthday in La Jolla. Some details have been streamlined to make it a better story.

La Jolla 1 La Jolla 2La Jolla 3

It was a hairy situation, but I’m glad we got into it. I was a weird kid. I read a lot of books about people getting into disasters and having to fight their way out. Stuff like Into Thin Air, or Endurance, which is about Ernest Shackleton. And our fearless leader (identities reserved to protect the innocent) made a pretty Shackletonian call here. But hey, we got out of it, and thats the point. Sometimes things are scary, but you can push through it. All in all, it was a good, albeit rough, life lesson.

The next one is not autobiographical. That’s probably going to be obvious when you read it.

 Stonehenge001       Stonehenge002     Stonehenge003

This one is a little rough, because it was in my sketch book and things have a tendency to get rubbed out. You get the idea. I love how much freedom the medium of comics allows me. I can do a million dollar special effects shot for zero dollars in my sketchbook. Its very satisfying, and it appeals to ten year old Samwise. And if he’s happy, I know I’m doing the right thing.

More pages are going to come out soon, stay tuned.