A New Scene: Trespasser

Hello all.

Now that finals are over, blogging is my priority.

Speaking of finals, this scene was done for my anatomy class. I wanted to try something I haven’t done before. These pages are an exercise in figure drawing and skeletal anatomy. I went with a classic horror cliche. Hope you enjoy!


I really enjoyed the anatomy class, and I feel it was very beneficial to my drawing. All the bones are easy to remember once you understand how they fit together. Everyone knows the old song: The arm bone’s connected to the scapula, the scapula’s connected to the acromion, the acromion’s connected to the clavicle, the clavicle’s connected to the manubrium… You all know the words, I’m sure.

The muscles, on the other hand, went right over my head. And around the head, and around the neck and arms, and every other part of the body. The point is, there’s a bazillion, and they’re hard to remember. The most important one for drawing is the 1st dorsal interosseous, and that’s probably my best developed muscle. To find it, squeeze your thumb in towards your pointer finger, and you will see a bulge on the back of your hand, between the thumb and pointer. Thats the 1st dorsal interosseous.

Enough anatomy class, its summer time! See you at the beach.