The Adventues of Joey


Hello all,

Since Cactus Man is on holiday this week, I thought I would post something for anyone who might stroll through looking for comics.

This is The Adventures of Joey. I have not yet posted this online. I did it in 2012, before going to Academy of Art University. So its a little rough. Hopefully you can see some improvement between this and my current work.

But let me back up. Joey is my brother. He’s a cool guy. One Christmas, I promised him I would make a comic book, starring him, and give it to him on the next Christmas. This was a crazy idea. I had never done this before, and here I was promising my 12 year old brother that he would be a hero next Christmas. Imagine the disappointment if I couldn’t deliver! That kind of heartbreak, I can’t take it. I was trapped. I find I work best when desperate.

This story, like many of my stories, is complex. Its convoluted, lets be straight about it. I have a real knack for incomprehensible complexity.

The plot is this: Joey is a mercenary and bounty hunter during the events of WWII. He is tasked with saving a princess who is locked in a keep inside a castle that is filled with nazis (I swear, it makes sense in my head). Joey just has to fly in, pick her up, and fly off into the sunset. Along the way he is helped by characters based on Joey’s real family and friends. We’re all in it.

This is issue one, and it is ten pages long. There should be two more issues, but they are unfortunately not finished. The only place you can see them is the backs of my eyelids late at night. But one day, I will finish it.You have to start something before you can finish it.

Lets get it started:











What do you think? I think he looks heroic. I laugh at every page. For me, its nostalgic. I spent twelve months working on that, its crazy. I can work faster now, but it’s still not fast enough to crank out issues. One day I will be able to come back and complete it.

I can see it all now.