Cactus Man new pages – Umbrella Pratfall

I wrote this scene while in the passenger seat of my car riding through LA. I wrote “Roy defends himself with a COMICAL OBJECT”. A minute later I wrote “UMBRELLA” next to the line. And so a scene was born.

I’ll admit, its a strange scene. Roy, shocked by Cactus Man, moves backward, grabbing an umbrella, which he swings, only for the umbrella to explode, which knocks him backwards, out the garage door.

Lets see how I did, shall we?

This is the first attempt:

CM final 8CM final 9CM final 10

Nailed it. Not really. I tried to pose for reference shots. Didn’t really work. Sometimes I try things and they don’t work. I suppose YOURE perfect, HUH?! SURE.

But I tried again! Here’s the attempt:

Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 005 Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 006 Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 007

Improvement! Thats what the master’s was all about. Having a class full of smart artists helping me was invaluable. I think this has better drawing, pacing, and writing. Definitely a step in the right direction.

It’s kind of hard to look back and post old work. I want to bulldoze everything under and replace it with the new stuff. But where does it end? I can’t wait until my pages are perfect to post them, or hide the older pages.

I like to think of myself like a gladiator. The crowds are just as happy when you die horribly in the ring as when you succeed. So why not get out there?

“Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant”