Crowmetheus Cover

Hello Internet,

I bring you the cover of my next project. Like with any other comic book, the cover comes out in advance. I should be putting the pages out by the end of next month.

This is the Prometheus myth as retold by crows, for crows.

This is the Prometheus myth as retold for crows, by crows. Humans, you have been warned.

I have been having fun with these pages. Trying a lot of different things. This thing is jam packed with crows. There’s over 40 crows in eight pages. Ten times as many crows as humans. So if you’re into crows, this is for you.

I warn you though, this is a dark story.

Crowmetheus sticker 001

People have asked on FB for a print of the crow striking matches image. I am working on this, and will have them available soon. Keep an eye on the website and details will come out later.

Cactus Man will return next week, stay tuned!