Cactus Man Rootbound Complete

Moral of the story

Moral of the story

I have gone through the website and posted all the pages of Cactus Man issue one, Rootbound. As of now, this is where it stands. There are 22 pages, which is a full issue in the comics biz. You can read through it all on the link to the right. ->

This post is about reflecting on where we have been, and where we are going to go from here. Please chime in if you have any comments.

Cactus Man is in motion. He is heading back to his family. Next we will meet his tribe, and then they will get attacked. After that, a lot of other things happen. I could rattle off what happens for the first six issues, but that wouldn’t be interesting. I can tell you that it goes to interesting places, and I enjoy it, but I am not sure what the popular response will be.

You can’t be sure if anybody likes anything unless they are willing to pay for it. Everyone will say what you do is great, but they won’t put their money where their mouth is. To tell if Cactus Man is any good, I have to print it up and see if it sells.

My main near-term goal is to get a table at APE, the Alternative Press Expo in San Jose. That’s happening in October, so I still have six months to prepare. I want to have Cactus Man and Crowmetheus on my table, and see what sells. After that I will have more insight into what people like.

What this means is that Cactus Man is stopping for a while. It will start up again, but may not be my main subject in the future. I have bigger plans.

I want SCLeccentric to be about doing a variety of stories. Aliens, monsters, superheros, etc.  What I need is a big box that I can put them all in, and a thread to tie them together. What I am working on now is much bigger than Cactus Man, and it will include him as well.

Comic book illustrators have signature ideas that define their style and direction. I think I am getting closer to my signature idea. But, more about that on a later date.

SCLeccentric will be off next week as I need to wrestle with these big ideas. Come back in two weeks for more comics!