Cactus Man – Car Chase

Hello Readers,

I come to you today with brand new pages of Cactus Man. Not redos of the old pages, a new scene. The car chase scene!

And I decided, I’m going to post the whole damn thing. No waiting around. This is fan appreciation. January was a record breaking month for page views for this blog. Thank you to the readers, and these five pages are for you.

Having agreed to help Cactus Man get home, Roy drives into the deep desert, only to find they aren’t alone…

Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 011

Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 012

Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 013

Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 014

Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 015

Yeeeeee – Haw!