24 Hour Comic Book Day 2016

So this week I did 24 Hour Comic Book Day.


24 Hour Comics Day is a worldwide event that takes place in the first week of October. The challenge is to make 24 pages of comics in 24 hours. Its a crazy day!

I’ll show what I came up with, and talk about it after.













So, I was tired. That’s why it’s like that.

I managed to make it from 12 Sunday to 1 Monday, making it round out at 25 continuous hours. I did get about 5 hours sleep along the way. Thanks to my lovely supportive girlfriend for making this possible.

I made it halfway, to twelve pages. That means that, to make it to 24 pages, I would have to do half as much work for each page. Simpler colors, fewer characters, less setting. I started having too much fun as soon as I started drawing demons. It slowed me down, but it was very entertaining for me. As I got more strung out, the story got weirder also.

I like the idea of a story that continually changes. The plot, who the main characters are, what the conflict is. All changing every few pages, keeping the reader off their feet.

Could make for something unique, could be a hot mess. I’ll let the reader decide. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Hope you liked my story. I have more plans for Glen and Kevin, we’ll see the rest next year.

Happy 24 Hour Comics Day!