Plant this in front of the White House and make sure it has Twitter access."

“Plant this in front of the White House and make sure it has Twitter access.”

This life.

What a shit show.

I need to vent. I’m not going to burn too much of my time on this human garbage fire.  My opinion is that Trump is a moron with no experience, no intelligence, and no good ideas. He has no substance.

This loser got elected because he is an easy target. A rich ugly moron with tiny extremities is a good distraction. And, while we all focus on the clown, the Republican party once again is going to enact their stupid plans to victimize brown people and start more failed wars to enrich their corporate overlords. At the end, we’ll all blame Trump, and forget that the Republicans do this same crap every time.

Fuc-king pathetic.

Americans have once again revealed ourselves as a pathetic, fearful, people desperate for some strong daddy to take care of us so we can go back into a technologically created womb and be babies again.

(And don’t act like your late-summer support of Hillary excuses you. You wanted Bernie to baby you just as much as they want Trump to. We are all feeling the shame we deserve.)

There will always be cynical people to exploit our weaknesses. And if we keep succumbing to the weakness inherent in human nature, we will always suffer.

Humanity needs to get better, or go extinct. I know which option I’m rooting for.