24 Hour Comic Book Day: Results


It took me a few days to recover and get a post going. 24 pages is an insane amount of work! I could only manage 18.  Lets do it.

I intended to go from 10 am Saturday to 10 am Sunday. What actually happened was I crashed around 3 am and had to pass out. I woke up Sunday morning and worked 10 to 3 pm. All in all, it was a little more than twenty hours work, and I finished 18 pages.

Lets go:

I was comic booking at a good clip here in the beginning. That was 6 pages in about 7 hours. In the beginning the challenge is just like a really strong work day. I was very proud of my work for this day. If I could do that 300 days a year I would be a boss in no time.

Then the evening comes.

My favorite thing about this passage was drawing my table. I just got my area set up and I love it. Its amazing what a good workspace can do for your confidence!

Those pages took me through dinner time. The real challenge starts when it gets late.

These pages broke me. The angles, the straight lines, the figures. It was so much. You can see the timestamps on top getting later and later. I really wanted to get these pages out and I’m happy with them. But by the end of those four pages, I was dead.

I think in the end, the 24 hour comic book day challenge is about making work that you are happy with. Thats why I went to sleep. I’d rather get good pages than win the challenge.

Not that I was anywhere close, mind you.

I love that great white shark. It was all worth it for that shark shot. The sharks are always circling below, folks. Remember that.

In the end, I was happy with my 24 hour comic book day. I didn’t quite nail the challenge, but I worked hard and there’s always next year. 

Hope you liked my comic. If you have any comments, please comment!

Thanks for reading!