Paintsketch: No one stays still like a Bodhisattva

Its hard to find someone who will stay still for a portrait.

Thank you Mister Bodhisattva.

I did a sketch painting at Cafe Leila in Berkeley. We rolled all over the East Bay looking for patio seating. Cha-ching! They had a four headed, eight armed statue there of a Bodhisattva and I had to paint it. At least, I think it was a Bodhisattva.

Have you ever heard of a Bodhisattva? Its a being that is dedicated to the path of becoming a Buddha. They dont mind if you paint them. They dont mind anything, that’s the point.

The only real Bodhisattva I’ve ever met was a cat.


The pochade box closes so you can transport the wet painting. They invented these things like 200 years ago. Thank you French people!

This painting was made possible by a new purchase I made. It’s a pochade box, made by Guerilla Painters. It holds the palate, brushes, and two canvases so you can have a portable studio.

I really like this setup because it is enclosed and inconspicuous. Painting in public can draw a lot of attention, and I would rather not deal with that.

This is the first painting I’ve sketched this way, but I’m planning on doing a lot more.

Stay tuned for more paintsketches!