Sketching at the Zoo

Check out my sketchbook and follow along on my recent road trip to the San Diego Zoo!

Eating breakfast and driving

Nothing makes you feel like an artist more than sketching in public. I recommend all artists do it. Your art gets better, it inspires you, and people see your work.

The SD Zoo had some upgrades this time, with this huge lion statue and new exhibit.

The Zoo gives you a chance to practice on animals, as well as crowds and interesting architecture. Even with just a pocket sized sketchbook, its still great research.

Monkeys move fast, so draw small.

Those pygmy hippos aren’t going anywhere.

None of these sketches took more than a few minutes. I was prioritizing staying with the group and enjoying the trip.

Using a warm and cool color together gives you more interesting sketches.

Sketchbooking is a fun way to go through the world. Its a subjective lens to show what you saw.

Keep on sketching, people!