DIY Painting Palettes part 1: The Big Ol’ Bob Ross

Hi there friends. Welcome back to the SCLeccentric blog. Today we’re going to do a DIY project that I think you’re gonna enjoy very much.

Are you a big fan of Bob Ross? He really makes miracles happen on canvas. I watch his show all the time on N——. Its the perfect thing to watch before going to bed.

The only problem is I’m super jealous of his painting setup, especially that giant painting palette he’s always holding.

So I set out to make a giant painting palette for myself, and take my work up to that Bob Ross level.

Used a Sharpie to put the shape onto a piece of safety acrylic I had lying around.

Acryllic cuts pretty easily with the Dremel tool. It makes a beautiful noise, reminds me of lullabies my mother used to sing.

Have you ever wondered why a painter’s palette is that weird shape? Its actually a perfect fit to balance on the crook of your left arm. Making it out of acrylic is better than wood because theres no grain for paint to soak into. So this should be pretty ideal.

Bob Ross tested, Samwise approved!

This project went pretty easy. I was mostly doing it to practice cutting acrylic for a more complicated palette design I have planned. Unfortunately, I cracked the rest of my acrylic sheet. I ended up in Agony City.

Stay tuned, part two is coming soon. More palette designs coming up, just as soon as I get my hands on a new piece of acrylic.

In the immortal words of Bob Ross: thanks for stopping by, and God bless, my friends.