Sketchbook Life

Hi all,

I know I havent been posting very much. Life’s been giving me lots of work, and no inspiration.

Here are a few recent sketchbook pieces. Hope you enjoy.

An interior copied from a fancy rich guy magazine. Looks uncomfortable to me. Ill never understand the things that impress people.

As a comic book artist, blacks and whites are king. Creating a convincing visual space in black and white is the inker’s main challenge. Sketchbooking is the best, most low pressure way to practice.

Sewer waterfall: looks better than it smells.

I try to fill a page a day. Thats my minimum commitment to being an artist. It really does pay off.

Some spooky guy. More on him later.

All throughout art school they nag you about keeping a sketchbook. I’m going to nag you also: you should be keeping a sketchbook. Sometimes nagging is right.

This one I did today. Evil machine is evil.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my sketches, but more than that I hope you’re keeping your own sketchbook.

Remember, theres a hundred sketches I didn’t show you, and some are terrible. Dont compare yourself to others and get discouraged. Just sketch whatever is best for you.

You can always burn the sketchbook later 😉