24 Hour Comic Book Day 2018! Pt 1

Hi everybody!

(Hi Dr Nick!)

Its 24 hour comic book day day again! I’m very excited. This time I think I can do it. I got a feeling.

I’m going to try to make 24 pages of comics between 10 am today and 10 am tomorrow. I have done some sketches but no work on the actual pages.

There will be several breaks throughout the day, and I will try to make follow up posts to chart progress.

This time, more snacks. I got lunch, dinner, desert, snacks and alcohol. You need more food than you’d expect to power yourself for 24 hours.

The main idea behind 24HRCBD is “lock in”. You are committed to working the whole day, and you can’t back out of it. Its a good tool to get a lot done.

This year I am doing an inked story called “22 Pages Under the Sea”. Like last year’s comic, I will be the main character and it will be an undersea adventure that talks about the creative process. I’m doing full size comic boards, so it’ll be A LOT of work.

Wish me luck.


Want the play by play of this year’s 24 hour comic book day? Check it out: