Painting Lake Merritt

Oakland’s Lake Merritt is a place where many different types of people come together. It seems like everyone walks around the lake. There is always something cool going on.

I tried my hand at a few paint sketches of the lake. Tell me what you think.

The view when sitting near Lake Chalet

When I was painting this, a family sat near us that only spoke Spanish. They were super curious about the painting so we talked with them as best we could. Painting can lead to nice interactions!

Tried to catch the sunset here. Conditions did not cooperate.

Painting sunsets is hard. I can never get the timing right. I kept waiting for it to get super red/orange, but it never did. I just froze my ass off.

If you are in Oakland, come down by Lake Merritt! Maybe I’ll see you.


Cactus Man update: we will have new pages next week. I was distracted and let myself have two weeks off. Back to the drawing board for next week’s pages!