Cactus Man 05: THUD!

Sometimes life deals you a THUD.

Last we saw, Roy was following after Cactus Man, and really reconsidering his life choices. After much hard backpacking, Cactus Man gave Roy a chance to catch up.

Let’s watch:

Looks like a mysterious new challenger got the drop on Cactus Man! We’ll see who it is next week, with a cacti-on-cacti brawl!

[Samwise note]

Sorry for the delays on this page. I ended up agonizing about it pretty bad.

Like all artists, I have good weeks and bad. Last week I was totally tapped out. Life gets in the way. Making new pages every week is going to take some getting used to. The results are encouraging, though.

Deadlines are hard for the artist, but good for the Work.

Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading!


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