Rainy Day Watercolors

Hi friends,

It’s been a rainy early spring in the Bay Area. Usually this means I get out less. Cooped up. Stir crazy.

Still, you gotta try, right?

Looking out across the bay. This is from Pt. Isabel.

I’ve tried a few paint sketches in the rain. What I’ve found is it gets damn cold. Sitting in one place for an hour in the rain will freeze you. I’m going to have to pick up some handwarmers to put in my fanny pack.

Its good to paint rainy days because you learn to capture a different type of environment. It keeps the artist on their toes. You don’t want to get stuck painting every sky blue.

A muddy day in Briones. We had the park to ourselves. Plenty of time to paint myself into this one.

Have you tried any “wet aire paintings”? Tell me about it in the comments.

Each new challenge is a chance for improvement. Keep trying new things.

Thanks for reading.