Artist Life: Travelin’

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share my recent trip to NYC with you. This will be spread out over a couple posts, so stay tuned.

Do you like traveling? Lately I have really been craving travel. Sometimes you need a break from your surroundings. This trip was a perfect remedy.

Not pictured: ten pounds of books I picked up in NYC. It was so heavy coming back!

You can see above that I brought The Silmarillion along with me. This trip was all about JRR Tolkien. But more on that later.

I had a good seat mate, but I think I made her nervous!

Long flights are good for getting work done. No distractions. I was able to read and draw. For the watercolors, I used the set I reviewed last post. It keeps things clean when you have no space.

Always window seat. Always.

I tried to make this trip all about making content. Next week’s post will have my sketches from New York.

Stay tuned.

-Ol’ Hard Travelin’ Samwise