Sketchbook: New York City!

Hey check this out, I got a chance to go out to New York City.

I 💛NY, don’t you? I think we all 💛NY.

Couldn’t decide if I was drawing a snowglobe, or a gumball machine. Either way, five cents is cheap!

I saw some good art, walked around Central Park, and got a ton of cool books. All in all it was a good trip but too short.

Fun fact: Washington Square Park is full of over 20,000 bodies… Wait, what’s fun about that fact?!

I tried to take advantage and draw as much architecture as I could. You can see why lots of great comics were drawn here. Its such a good backdrop for stories.

The trick to drawing the windows is to turn off the part of your brain that goes insane when you draw all the windows.

I didnt do much people drawing, which is my bad. Spending too much time drawing buildings doesnt help my figure drawing.

My stab at figure drawing. Tried to catch those guys were doing a “three monkeys” type pose.

New York City is impressive. It’s more than anything you could say about it. I let it wash ober me for a few days. Wish I had more time.

Thanks for checking out my sketchbook. See you next time.