The Immutable Ashvattha Tree

Sketchbook page, 6×12″ Crow quill pen, red, green, and yellow inks.

Sages speak of the immutable ashvattha tree, with its taproot above and its branches below. On this tree grow the scriptures; seeing their source, one knows their essence.

Nourished by the gunas, the limbs of this tree spread above and below. Sense objects grow on the limbs as buds; the roots hanging down bind us to action in this world.

The true form of this tree – its essence, beginning, and end – is not percieved on this earth. Cut down the tree with the sharp ax of detachment; then find the path which does not come back again. Seek That, the First Cause, from which the universe came long ago.

The Bhagavad Gita 15.1

Here is a sketchbook page I made this morning. I try to read every morning, this time it was The Bhagavad Gita. This passage is pretty mind blowing, based on what little of it I understand.

It so happens I recently purchased an Ashvattha Tree as a bonsai project. Other names for this tree are the Bodhi tree, Peepul tree, Sacred Fig, or ficus religiosa. I’m very excited about this tree, as you can tell.

I named mine Svani, after a good friend from Berkeley.

It sounds weird, but lately I’ve been really into trees. Obsessed.

I have another post planned for my tree projects, so stay tuned if wathing trees grow is your preferred form of entertainment.

And if you dont like watching trees grow, stay tuned anyway because I’ll probably be obsessed with something different next month. Maybe you’ll like the next thing.

Thanks for reading.