Sketchbook: The Beach!

Hey Y’all its summer. Time to go to the beach, right?

Warmwaters beach in Carlsbad CA near my family’s home.

I’ve always loved the beach. I’m not much of a surfer, but I like body surfing and sun bathing. Now I can add painting to my list of beach activities!

Santa Monica Beach, LA

Looking North, Santa Monica Pier

I did these two on the same trip that I did the LA sketchbook. It was a productive trip for me. I want to do more sketching and exploring in more cities. There are too many places I haven’t been.

This was painted on Xmas day, proving any time is a good time for the beach.

The trickiest thing about sketching the beach is the figures. Beaches are crowded, and people move faster than you can draw them. You have to sketch really fast, but its good practice.

So when you’re out there living that artist life, dont forget to take a day off and go to the beach!