Balboa Park

Time to enjoy the summer!

One of my favorite summer places is Balboa Park in San Diego. There are museums, gardens, and restaurants. A lot of the exhibits are free. Also it’s right by the San Diego Zoo, which I sketched before.

This is a test to see if you were paying attention in perspective class!

As always with watercolor, drawing in the people is the hardest part. If I was trying to improve this and make it a real illustration, this sketch would just be a reference. I would go back in and redraw all the people, using the gestures and colors that I was able to capture in the sketch. Maybe I’ll try that as a project.

Painting this was fun because there were a lot of people passing by and looking at my work. I typically get a positive reaction from people and it leads to fun interactions. Painting also forces you to sit down in one place for a long time, so you get good people watching opportunities.

I’ll end with a personal shot:

Advertising my cool new backpack earrings, by Jansport.

Happy summer everyone, thanks for reading.