My first Springtime!

This year I realized something. It kind of took me by surprise.

I’ve never experienced springtime.

Turns out there’s like, leaves and trees and all sorts of things.

This may not be relatable to everyone. Most places have four seasons, and the change of seasons is a constant thing that you experience. But I have always lived in California. Whether it was northern or southern, this is my first spring time living outside of California.

The biggest thing I did this year is move to Seattle with my girlfriend. It’s been a huge change. In Washington, it rains a ton. No surprise here, that’s Seattle’s reputation. According to locals this was a particularly tough winter.

Also, all this random white stuff fell out of the sky. I have no idea what that was about.

And to be honest, it was kind of getting to me. It’s a total cliche to be the Californian who complains about the weather, so I’ve been keeping that to myself. But it’s been wet, and rainy, and there were no leaves on any of the trees, and I had to drive in the snow. It’s been getting to me.

And then… Springtime!

This makes all that winter worth it. It’s amazing to watch the land come back to life. All the trees are full of flowers, fresh leaves are poking out everywhere, and the sky is blue. We’ve been going on bike rides. Everyone is getting outside as best they can. It’s amazing.

This week I got a chance to paint. I went out to discovery park in Seattle. The great thing about this area is how close it is to nature. All these parks are within a few miles of downtown Seattle. And it you go out further, it just gets wilder. I am seriously looking forward to exploring more as the weather gets better.

West Point Lighthouse, at Discovery Park in Seattle

It really enlivens the soul to see new growth everywhere. It’s got us feeling good. I think we’re going to like this Springtime thing.

We are coming out of a tough winter. Now hope is on the horizon. Whether it is a vaccine, or a guilty verdict, or just a change of the weather, there are some good things happening. Here’s hoping we can all stay on the right track and keep getting ourselves where we need to be.

In the meantime, take care of yourself. Get outside if you can, enjoy the springtime. I know I will be. And as always, thanks for reading.

-Samwise, Spring 2021