Working through a pandemic

Hello. Thank you for reading this. Today’s post will be part catch up, and part rant. I hope you enjoy.

I’ll show new art work if you read my rant. Deal?

It has been a long time since I’ve posted on my site. What have I been doing? Working. For the past 18 months or so, I’ve been out with the public, working a retail job during a massive global pandemic. Let me tell you guys, It’s been a roller coaster.

Last year, I tried to hike the PCT, but was stymied by an out-of-the-blue pandemic. Believing I would be able to resume my trip in a few weeks, I left the trail to start quarantine. That turned into a two month furlough from work, during which I worked on the garden, read fantasy books, and did a little art. I also started dating Kait, who would be my rock throughout this crazy year. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.

Me and Kait, dealing with the madness together!

When my work reopened in June 2020, I went back, thinking that we would be closed again within weeks. So, that never happened. I’ve been working ever since.

One thing to note, I am not an essential worker. I do not treat or deal with coronavirus patients. I work in a bike shop. Its a toy store for adults. If you have symptoms, we just ask you to leave. I don’t deal with covid, I deal with people’s mass reaction to the covid pandemic. And, oh boy, people’s reactions have been crazy.

This past year, my work has been retail therapy. From the beginning, the panic has been palpable. People hoarding supplies in the beginning of the pandemic. Anti-mask morons desperate to impress you with their “brave” protests against “tyranny”. And the masks! I have seen so many masks. And so many innovative ways to wear them. How fun.

And to everyone who didn’t want to wear a mask this year, I say this: I couldn’t possibly care less. I don’t wish the best for you. Don’t get a vax, don’t wear a mask, and die of covid. I am fine with that. It is, in fact, my job to ask you to wear a mask. I’m not doing it for you, I am doing it for my coworkers and other shoppers. So mask up or get out of my store.


This year has made me openly root against humanity. It’s hard to look around and not figure the world will be better off after our extinction.

Maybe I should be making art about this experience. It’s just….the opposite of inspiration. There’s nothing to say. Get a vaccine, stay socially distant, be responsible. It’s that simple. No art needs to be made. So I haven’t been making much.

On the plus side, my bonsai tree is going great!

I’ve noticed some patterns. The people that have the most problem with masks are the ones who are most invested in the idea of individualism. Pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps types. Highly entitled white people. The old, the rich, and the white. They are triggered by the idea that they have to take other peoples’ safety into account when they act. And boy, do they throw fits. I have seen every type of hissy fit in this last year. Its sad to watch grown adults break down in public.

Honestly, there are some good things. I have forged very strong relationships with my coworkers. Whether it is standing up to hordes of “walkers”, selling bikes we don’t have, or just complaining about our terrible customers. It builds comradery.

Also, I’ve had Kait by my side all this time. She works retail too, so we can share our bad customer stories. Oh how we rant. It’s great to have a partner you can rely on when shit gets crazy. She’s the best.

Cheers babe!

I think I would have gone insane if I had stayed inside this whole time. I would have felt like a coward. Working in public makes you feel like an active participant in what’s happening. It’s watching things from the driver’s seat. At the same time though, this has gone on and on and onandonandon. Sooo ready for it to be over.

If you’re interested in working retail during a pandemic, you’re in luck! There’s like a million open jobs. Everyone is hiring. You can work with me. Come on out.

Anyway, that’s about as much rant as I should do here. I’ll try to start posting more regularly. If my story has moved you, you can Venmo me millions of dollars so I don’t have to work anymore. Even if not, thanks for reading.

Did you have any bad customers this year? Let’s rant in the comments section.

See you next time.