Fight for your rights! Defending Roe v Wade, Joining the DSA

Note: I tried writing this post multiple times, and each time it devolved into a leftist screed. I am going to try to steer clear of that.

Second note: This post turned into a weird personal meditation. More art content and diy next time!

Cal Anderson Park, Seattle. May 2022

SCLeccentric is not a place for my politics, but I want to make a position clear. I support the right for a woman to choose to have an abortion.

The main thing to remember, is women can be in a really tough situation. Unwanted pregnancy can derail a life. Taking away the right to choose makes women unable to make decisions for themselves. Playing games with their rights has serious consequences.

This is never a bureaucratic decision. It should never be based on laws. This comes down to the emotional state of the woman making the choice. Whatever she says is right. There is no need to stand in the way of her autonomy. She will make the best decision for her.

The protest was organized by the Democratic Socialists of America. I was so impressed, I joined the DSA.

Rights are under attack in this country. The Supreme Court is set to strike down Roe v Wade, opening the flood gates for a full scale assault on every right we have.

We already see them going after womens’ bodily autonomy, voting rights, rights to union representation, and many others. This is an assault on democracy itself. No legitimate Supreme Court would allow this.

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Joining the DSA

I was really impressed with this protest. It was well organized, peaceful, and had good speakers. After seeing the group in action, I decided to join the Democratic Socialists of America. What the hell.

This is my first time identifying with a political party. I used to think it was best to settle for Democrats. But seeing their shameful bribe taking and inaction on everything that matters, I am completely uninterested in supporting the Democratic party.

Honestly, my brain has been in a very nihilistic mode lately. Seeing human leadership in such a sorry state makes me feel hopeless. This hopelessness negatively affects my personal mental health, and my relationships. Joining the DSA is the best way to feel like I’m making a positive difference in the world. It’s part of my attempts to pull myself out of my personal rut.

The Democratic Socialists of America are a political party that supports human rights, labor interests, and anti-capitalism. I read their platform and did some research. I don’t want to try to sum them up too much right now. Check out for info.

I obviously like the anti-capitalism, but also the ideas for solutions. I generally define my views negatively, based on the problems caused by capitalism. Joining the DSA gives me a more positive outlook for alternatives. It also makes me feel better to be around people who let me be angry. In normal life I’m mostly surrounded by liberals, who just tell me to go to therapy. Lotta good that does me.

This is meant to be a step towards optimism. I know I’m not the most optimistic person. I’m trying to change here.

Plus, it was just, like, a beautiful day.

I hope you’re out there protesting. I hope you aren’t hopeless. We can always try new things. We can always fight back.

Support Roe v Wade, protect women’s rights.

Thanks for reading,

Samwise, DSA memberšŸŒ¹