Cactus Man New Page: Cat Attack!

Hello Internet,

When I was a little  kid, we had a family cat. His name was Aiko. He was a bad ass. This cat would not put up with any bullshit. He chased dogs out of the yard, learned to open the screen door, and scratched the crap out of me.

Putting Aiko in this comic is my tribute to him. When I initially did this page, the cat was way too nice. Not in character at all. I struggled with what to do with this page, then my friend Nicki suggested that he drop from the roof. It was a way better idea then what I had. I think you will agree.

In the first attempt, the cat saunters up, all friendly-like, and everyone flips out:

CM final 15

“Don’t mind me, just sharpening my claws on your calf.”

When I redid the page, I was feeling sadistic. I don’t know why, but that guy must have had it coming.

Laughlin_Samuel_Final_Thesis 010

My favorite part is panel two, where the cat is, like, skydiving into attack position.

So that’s the page. To be honest, I’m still not quite happy with it. This whole third scene, where Mothburne shows up, it’s got problems. I may have to go back and rework the whole thing.

This is, essentially, a six person scene. One character hides, the other answers the door, three characters are at the door, and don’t forget the cat. It’s too much. I lack the skills as a director to be able to handle the scene. It could be years before I can deal with that.

Oh well, you can’t get any better without doing the work.

Next week is going to be good. I’m posting the whole car chase scene. What’s that? Did I say car chase? Yep, with crashes and explosions. Get excited!

Come back next week for more Cactus Man!