SCLeccentric Best Post Awards for 2018

Welcome to the SCLeccentric Best Post Awards for 2018.

It’s the one night a year where we celebrate the best posts from everyone’s favorite art blog! Strap in, folks, you know how these award shows are.

Unfortunately, Kevin Hart could not host this evening. We regret his terrible opinions.

Lets get to the awards!

First up, the award for Best Narrative Post, most coveted prize of bloggers.

And the winner is…

Call Me Ishmael! Hunting the white whale of a good painting is hard. Its even harder without white. One of my personal favorites.

Lets keep it moving here folks, we have lots of awards to get to.

Now it’s time for the Contribution to Humanity award! This is for all the DIY’ers out there.

First place: DIY Compost Tumbler!

The post-that-never-dies, and the all time SCLeccentric most viewed post. Even years later, this post dunks on all my lovingly posted comics.

Runner up: The Apron Table!

The judge’s choice. A table surface attached right to the front of your apron? What an idea!

On with the show!

Next up: the Best Painting award for giving yourself awards for painting.

The Winner: Hot Mess: An Experimental Painting!

The people love fire, what can I say.

Next is the Samwise B. Sketchin’ award for excellence in the sketchbook arts.

And the award goes to… This sketch of chickens! Bawk.

And finally, we get to the most important award of the night. The It’s Supposed to be About Comics, Stupid! Award for actually getting work done.

And the winner is…

22 Pages Under the Sea! This year’s 24 hour comic book day project took on a life of it’s own. Hunt sea monsters with me. If you havent read this one, you definitely should.

I’d like to thank everybody that commented, liked, or read a post on SCLeccentric this year. I couldn’t do it without you. This is what gives my life purpose.

Lets crush it in 2019.

Thank you.


All right folks, that’ll just about wrap it up here! Don’t forget to tip your waiters on your way out.

Good night!