Cactus Man 01: Cover/Plans for 2019

Hi all, welcome to 2019.

We made it.

I try to make resolutions. Sometimes they even work. The best way to make a resolution, I think, is to lock yourself into it. By declaring a plan for my website, I am forced to follow through. If I don’t post, everyone will be devastated.

Lets see if this “lock-in” concept actually works.

This last year I have done a lot of planning and world building with my SCLeccentric comics. I was checking the worthiness of my ideas, and making sure I had a good ending.

Now that we are more sure of our destination, it is time to plow ahead.

Cover for Cactus Man issue 2: The Oasis

Cactus Man’s journey must continue. He is heading home to his people; time will tell if that is a wise move. For now we can only watch.

I will be releasing new pages of Cactus Man every week in 2019. Like all comics, SCLeccentric will release content every Wednesday. If you don’t already associate Wednesdays with comics, soon you will.

I will still post paintings and other types of posts, and those will come out on other days. Wednesday we keep for comics.

All my life I’ve delayed starting. Now it’s time. Whatever happens, in glad to have you with me.

Stay tuned.


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