22 Pages Under the Sea

Hello all, thanks for stopping by.

Today we have the completed project that started as this year’s 24 hour comic book day. This is one of my best comics yet, so you shouldn’t miss it!

Check it out:

Thanks for reading.

It took me a long time to get up the nerve to post this. Mainly because, that last double page spread has like all my ideas on it. All those characters are planned with their own stories and arcs. That’s what ive been working on for the past year.

Its really intimidating to put your ideas out there. I think everybody feels that. People, especially on the internet, have a real talent for tearing new ideas down.

All we can do is persevere and keep putting out new ideas. The world needs brave artists. I’m trying my best, and I hope you will too. Thats what this comic was all about.

Good luck out there, aspiring artist. Keep fishing for those big ones.


Want the play by play of this year’s 24 hour comic book day? Check it out: