Cactus Man 02: Why won’t you speak?!

Its Wednesday, so its time for new Cactus Man! Here are the first four pages of Cactus Man issue 2: Oasis.

Last we checked in with Cactus Man, he was escaping from his nemesis, Ellias Mothburne. This flashback shows Cactus Man’s captivity in Mothburne’s evil greenhouse.

They have tried all the twisted experiments they could, but Cactus Man won’t cooperate. He never works with the bad guys.

I had a slow start here on my resolution to post every Wednesday. These pages were already drawn, so i just had to add speech bubbles. Still I barely made it on time. Life gets in the way.

Hopefully next week fares better, cause those pages aren’t drawn yet!

Thanks for reading, check back next week!


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