Cactus Man 03: Do cacti sleep?

Welcome back.

Last week, we saw Cactus Man trapped in Elias Mothburne’s clutches. The whole time that he was in captivity, he refused to speak or reveal his true nature.

Now we cut back to the present, where Cactus Man and Roy are sitting around the campfire.


I don’t know about you, but some of my favorite times have been around campfires. I’m happy to see my guys sharing a beer. Enjoy the campout fellas.

Next week, they’ll be back on the path to Cactus Man’s homeland, the Oasis! Stay tuned!

Samwise note:

This week I budgeted time well. Still, I came pretty tight up against the deadline. Night scenes can be a lot harder. The more black you see, the more work it was to draw. Next week’s daytime scenes should be easier, fingers crossed!

More adventure coming next week, see you then!


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