Tolkien’s Cartograper: Map of Middle Earth in the First Age

Ive been obsessed with Tolkien lately. He created such a rich and detailed world. You can lose yourself in it.

I read LOTR or the Silmarillion in the mornings, instead of internet news. It helps keep me focused and more productive during the day. I’m always looking to improve my morning routines. Waking up with Tolkien helps.

This map is somewhat speculative. Its meant to be around 300 of the first age, during the siege of Angbad. This being one of the heights of elf culture in Beleriand.

This is a first draft. If anyone has corrections I would be forever grateful.

Fort the final, I am looking for a good source of watercolor paper, but to get a large enough piece of the good stuff I may have to buy a 10 yard roll, which was $160. Ouch.

Tolkien thoroughly describes Valinor, the land of the gods. To the right is Beleriand, which was mostly sunk in the War of Wrath. This is about 5000 years before LOTR.

Most people haven’t read The Silmarillion, so most of this post is irrelevant. That’s fine, it is not for everyone. No one needs to feel bad about not liking Tolkien.

I believe that, when an artist’s work is enjoyed, they come back to life. You can have a personal relationship with them through their work. Some long-dead creators are some of my closest friends.

Tolkien is a great friend. He created a world with so much depth, it might as well be a real place. You can spend time there, and it’s a salve for the real world. This was always true for Tolkien himself, and I think it works for the reader. That’s why I read Tolkien.

This was before the shire was established. Eriador was a wild forest land filled with dark elves, ents and wild men.

When I visited New York, we saw the Tolkien exhibit. I could tell that he had a strong effect on many people. I hope we can continue to enjoy his books and live in his world.

Do you read Tolkien, and does it have the same effect on you? What books/games/music do it for you?

Thanks for reading

-Samwise son of Timoreth