Oakland Harbor

Hey all,

Its nice weather out there. This time of year is the best for outdoor painting. Lets do it.

When I was in New York, I saw a gallery showing work from the American Society of Marine Artists. It’s a group that paints marine pictures.

And I thought, ‘hey, that’s what I do!’

So I’m practicing boat paintings. Its a tough subject. Takes a lot of observation. So far I’ve been sketching to get used to the shapes and colors.

I’ve done lots of fish paintings, and seascapes. Water is in most of my paintings. Something about water makes it the best subject for art.

This was a cool spot where they had ships up on stands for matinence. There was a guy lifting a boat while I was sketching. They didn’t seem to mind me being there.

It’ll take a ton more paintings if I want to submit work to those marine painter guys. Stay tuned, I’ll keep posting the results.

And if you have nice weather, get outside!