DIY Aquarium Stand

Seems like a good day for some carpentry. Lets go.

I recently made a DIY aquarium stand. These types of stands are expensive, and doing it DIY cost less than $30.

Although I used this as an aquarium stand, you can use the same type of construction for a million projects. In this post I’m just going to show some of the steps I used.

At first I tried it with 2×4s, but it was way too much work. I ended up using wood from the easels I made a few years ago.

Much easier with 1×2 wood. I used a 12×48″ shelf for the top.

You want to double up the vertical uprights for strength.

For the sides, I used black cloth. You want space for storage underneath. Ideally it would be wood cabinets, but thats too much work for me.

Finished tank stand. I put a piece of wood on the front to make it nice and tidy.

In all, this was a nice little project. Now its time to have a beer and sweep up the sawdust in my living room!