View from the Pyramid to Moses

Hey guys,

I found a cool spot this week. Check it out.

We went to Joaquin Miller park, which is in the Oakland hills. Up there is the “Pyramid to Moses”, which Joaquin Miller erected in 1892 as a “symbol of belief in the ten commandments”.

So there’s that.

I’m just saying, maybe Moses has seen better pyramids?

Nice views, though.

I usually try to avoid doing shots of distant cities. Its just really hard. But I figured it was time for a challenge.

This time I used lots of white gouache to put the buildings back in. They are very rough, but if you stand back it looks okay. The trick is keeping the distant stuff really light.

Looking out from Joaquin Miller, past West Oakland. The island is Alameda, and off in the distance is San Francisco.

Remember that you are just indicating buildings. You dont want to draw too much detail or you’ll go crazy. Indicate buildings and make the viewer imagine everything that is there. Let them do the hard work.

This Robin was picking grass and wetting it, and taking the wet grass back to his nest. Getting water for chicks, maybe?

Anyway, that’s a nice spot. I’d probably want to build a pyramid there too.

Thanks for reading.

See you next time,