Sketchbook: Los Angeles

Welcome to Los Angeles, city of movie stars. Where all the big name celebrities are all lounging about, waiting to be sketched.

Full disclosure: I didnt sketch any movie stars.

I did, however, drive around all day and sketch street corners and crowds. Lets check out what I got.

Car dealership, Olympic Ave

I got a chance to house sit in LA recently, and got a ton of sketching done.

I’m trying to get to know the city better so that I can use it as an environment in comics. Sometimes sketching random buildings is the best way to get environment. Also, I get sketches of people who can be extras in my comic.

$1 wash

As I was driving around I made my way East. You pass through so many cool different environments. People have real neighborhood identity and pride.

And each of these spots is its own city. The only city I didn’t like was Vernon. It stinks. Literally.

Church on Florence Ave

I’d like to go back to a few of these places with paint and try some watercolors. The pencil sketching misses a lot of color.

Little Tokyo, downtown LA

I had a lot of fun going around Los Angeles. But I had to cut the visit short, it was costing me too much money! Gotta sell a few more comissions before I can afford the LA life.

Thanks for reading!