24 Hour Comic Book Day 2019!

September 1st, 2019


This will be the cover when we print this

The time has come. Lets make some comics.

Make 24 pages of comic in 24 hours. I have done this challenge for the past few years. Traditionally I do it in the first weekend of October. However, this interferes with the vastly more popular Inktober. So, I moved 24HrCBD2019 up a month.

Am I ready?

Its a tough call. I have the day off, I got supplies, I cleaned my area, and I have an idea already thumbailed. But still, 24 hours of work is really tough. By 4 am, I may be completely delerious.

Anyway, thats why they call it a challenge. Lets see how I do, eh?

Food is important when youre staying up for 24 hours straight. Keep eating, keep treating!

11:56 am

This one is starring yours truly, just like the last two 24HrCBDs.

I like making these comics self portraits. That way, when I get crazy, I just react in the comic as I would naturally. I dont have to think “is this something this person would do?” The point of the challenge is to push your limits, and sometimes that means delving deeply into your own psyche.

I have no time for this. Back to drawing!

2:02 pm

Four pages, four hours. Holding the pace.

Inciting action in the story: your heart is ticking instead of beating.

4:39 pm

7 pages penciled. I’m about 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

I moved inside to beat the daytime heat. Its just pencils, so I can work on the couch. No spills.

My tools and thumbnails. The story is all written and planned out, I just have to keep drawing.

Its been a good work day so far. The second eight hours starts now. This is When we have to keep the pace up. If I can ill get ahead, and bank the extra time for the morning.

6:10 pm

I’m taking a half hour break. Right now I am an hour ahead. Taking a walk around the block to clear the head.

8:49 pm

Staying just ahead of schedule. Ten minutes ahead! Getting tired but im halfway through. The story gets crazier from here, so hopefully it works in my favor.

Time to have some coffee.

The hardest working table at SCLeccentric!

1:00 am


On schedule. Hand hurts.

Probably going to take a shower. That always wakes me up. Hot water helps with hand pain from drawing.


3:20 am

Four pages to go. 17 hours in. This is doable. Getting tired.

No witty remarks come to mind. Keep working.

4:20 am

Did a VERY rough sketch in on the last pages. Theres something in each panel and all the words are there. My drawing is so bad right now i gotta sleep and fix it later.

Total was 21 pages penciled in 18 hours 21 minutes. One for the books.

Results posted soon. Goodnight all.