Watercolor Koi Ponds


In my watercolor Plein air work, I end up drawing water a lot. Beaches, lakes, fountains, coastlines. I think the medium of watercolor is the best way to capture water in a painting.

Koi ponds are beautiful bodies of water. Here are a couple of attempts at painting koi ponds.

I also tried meditating for 20 minutes, the painting was way easier!

This one was done at Swami’s in Encinitas. At the Self Realization fellowship, they have a multi level koi pond and tropical garden. The grounds are beautiful, and really serene for meditating. Doesnt make it any easier to shut up your brain though!

I did this painting as part of a fifteen mile round trip walk down coast highway. Crazy mileage!

This is me taking myself out on a nice date. I’m trying to do more pleasant things when I am on my own. Single life!😄

Our second attempt is at the Japanese Fellowship Garden in Balboa Park. Beautiful trees, bonsai, and traditional Japanese Architecture.

But the best thing was the fish. They had some huge ones. Real old monsters. As a lover of fish, I was very impressed.

Lookin’ cool in my SCLeccentric shirt!

Hey guess what?

This week marked my eighth anniversary with WordPress!

This site is a labor of love and has brought me much joy. Sincerest thanks to the followers of this site, and anyone who has read it over the years. Hope we have many years to come.

Thanks for reading,