So Hot Right Now: The Cactus Man Candle!

What up.

Are you wondering what to buy this holiday season? Need a gift for that especially difficult Cactus Man fan in your life?

Look no further than the brand new Cactus Man Candle!

Treat yourself to this beautiful, six- inch tall candle featuring a hand-painted image of Cactus Man suspended — as if by magic — in decadent paraffin wax. Best of all, each candle smells like the spikey man himself!

Light this baby up and you’ll find yourself *instantly* transported to the Oasis. Find oneness with the slightly judgemental — but still down to party — cactus people.

Available this holiday season from SCLeccentric. Just $27.95 (plus shipping)!

Get yours now while supplies last! Chinese knockoffs already available on Amazon!

Who says I can’t make candles? Let’s see what happens. Place your orders in the comments.


Edited by TJD